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At ASK Digital, we understand small businesses in Canberra. We respect the potential that comes from a small idea. We want to give you a fair go in your respective industry, to help you compete with the big guys and equip you with tools you need to succeed - without breaking the bank.


This vision fuelled us to set up ASK Digital from our garage. (And by "garage" we mean "kitchen")

With Allen's extensive technical web and online expertise, combined with Kate's corporate brand and strategic marketing experience in global and multinational companies, we will establish your online presence and generate a local and loyal customer base.  

ASK Digital offers a personal, straightforward, efficient and customised marketing strategy to turn your products or services into a business preferred and loved by the community.


Our clients

We've worked with businesses big and small, each with its own unique business goals. 

The Canberran community needs your service or product - they just don't know it yet. We invite you to join this group of businesses who turned us into their customers as well.

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We understand small businesses in Canberra because we choose local products and services ourselves.

Understanding your business from the customer's perspective can help you decide on where to focus your resources and efforts. 

There's much to learn about online marketing, and we're here to assist every step of the way.

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